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We have a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly, and Effective Micro-Organism (EM) products designed to support nature’s natural balance.

Everyone is talking Bokashi but what is it and how easy is it to do? It really is simple, you can Bokashi at home, on your allotment, or go big and adopt Bokashi for your Farm Yard Management.

Effective Micro-organisms

What is EM and how does it work? How will it benefit me and help save the planet?

What is Bokashi?

Everyone is talking Bokashi, find out what it is, how it will benefit my home, my garden and my planet.

EM Ceramics

The super solution to improving water quality for our health, home and garden including some surprising benefits for our pets.

customer reviews

What people say?

We use wipe and clean in our restaurant and selling to the public. The results speak for themselves. We dont have to clean as much !
I started using Wipe and Clean at home and it's reduced my housework overhead massively. I hardly have to revisit dusting which is great with three dogs! My housework always felt like painting the fourth bridge!
Karen Cave
Domestic operations Manager (mum)