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About EM Agriton Ltd

Jan Feersma Hoekstra, a director of the Dutch EM production company Agriton Group, approached Fran Box, a British National living in the Netherlands since 1981, to see if she would be interested in starting a UK-based EM company. A keen gardener, Fran quickly recognized the benefits of this technology and delved into the research and ethos of all things EM. Coming from a Nursing background and practicing Gestalt Psychotherapist owning her own private practice, Fran was eager to make a difference and leave a legacy of worthwhile work. Impressed by this technology, Fran founded EM Effective Micro-organisms Ltd in October 2004 and moved back to the UK to open an office and build her team. Today the company is called EM Agriton Ltd and is based in Devon on a small farm. Interest grows for these alternative non-chemical solutions on farms, homes, and gardens, and so do the number of EM Advocates.

Jan and Fran married in 2015. Their families merged and extended to include the addition of several cows, chickens, goats, pigs, and Jip; the office dog often found being hugely spoilt by the team there.

Our Mission

EM Agriton Ltd is devoted to the living environment for human beings, animals, and plants in the broader sense. By promoting a sustainable society, we hope to protect this planet by helping to reduce humankind’s impact on the environment, ensuring it remains as beautiful a place for now and the future.

We hope to achieve this by correctly selecting, promoting, and distributing environmentally sustainable products. We continually endeavor to gather the funds to continue with our goal. We believe respect for human beings, animals, plants, and our planet provides the basis for a sustainable future. By understanding microbiology, we understand sustainability – this is valid for our planet and all living creatures.

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Why Agriton?

Suppose a product, ingredient, or even manufacturing process negatively impacts any aspect of the soil-crop-animal-waste cycle. In that case, we don’t use it, supply it or make it – this means every product in any of our three ranges is almost certainly a #betteralternative to the one you are currently using.

The bottom line does not drive us, nor margins or profit; for us, there are higher stakes involved, and that is the vital care of our planet and environment – we all need to take responsibility.

We all need to take responsibility.

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