How EM® works 

The special feature of EM® is the combination of aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms. Aerobic means “living with oxygen” and anaerobic means “living without oxygen”. In the scientific world, it was always assumed that these two groups could not possibly live side by side because the conditions under which they live are opposites. This turns out not to be true. Both groups naturally occur together in the soil. 

Aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms have in common that they can change substances into antioxidants. These have a beneficial effect on the health of the soil, plants, people, and animals. 

Dominance principle 

Microorganisms work according to the dominance principle and thus restore the microbial balance. In the world of micro-organisms there are different groups. There are two small dominant groups, the “effective” microorganisms and the “harmful” microorganisms, and a large group of “followers”. In nature, the group of followers work together with one of the above-mentioned dominant groups. In practice, this means that they join the most suitable dominant group. There is a constant power struggle between the effective and the harmful organisms. The billions of followers simply wait to see which of the two groups gets the upper hand. Then they adapt and follow or imitate the victor. 

If the “good guys”, the effective micro-organisms, gain the upper hand, they will exert their constructive and disease-reducing influence in all areas (e.g. air, soil, plants, water, humans, animals,…). The correct use of EM® in households, the environment, agriculture, and horticulture can promote the increase of effective micro-organisms everywhere. 

Natural and healthy! 

EM® is a living substance and does not work in the same way as an antibiotic or chemical. EM® increases the population of beneficial micro-organisms. EM® does not kill. It is not an antibiotic, but a mixture of life-stimulating micro-organisms, known from various food preparations such as beer, wine, sauerkraut,… Life gives life! 

EM® works gradually. Depending on the application, you can expect an effect between a few hours (e.g. odour nuisance) to sometimes several years (e.g. soil fertility). The effect of EM® is partly based on a combination of fermentative micro-organisms. The metabolic products created by fermentation are widely known as antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes. Super healthy! 



EM-1 is the original and authentic Effective Micro-organisms that was

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