What is EM?

EM® is an acronym for Effective Micro-organisms®. EM® contains Effective Micro-organisms, microscopically small creatures. EM® is a combination of useful, constructive micro-organisms, which occur freely in nature and have not been manipulated.

EM® is the registered brand name given to a family of microbial-based products using a technology discovered and developed by Professor Dr. Teruo Higa, a Japanese scientist. Prof. Higa from Japan has dedicated a large part of his life to researching micro-organisms and has finally formed a mixture which he calls the Effective Micro-organisms. Products with EM® from Prof. Higa can be recognised by the logo with the seven circles. 

These naturally sourced microbes are collected, multiplied, and developed into various formulations to aid nature; increasing the natural resistance and health of our soil, environment, and ultimately all living beings.

Health benefits

  • Improves your digestive system and gut microflora
  • Supplies enzymes, vitamins, and other compounds to aid digestion
  • Supplying bioavailable nutrients for your body
  • Boosts your immune system reducing the risk of infection and allergies
  • Increases your energy
  • Supports weight loss
  • Aids in controlling yeast infections
  • Improves the body’s acid/alkaline balance
  • Increases the decontamination of your organs

Animal health benefits

  • Improves gut microflora and the microflora in living areas
  • Increases digestive system health in all animals
  • Reduces pathogens such as salmonella from litter and barns
  • Improves their immunes system, reducing diseases and stress
  • Decreases or eliminates foul odors produced by urine and manure
  • It helps accelerate the decomposition of manure into nutrient-rich compost

Environmental benefits

  • Increases the diversity and number of microbes in the soil
  • Restores the natural balance of healthy soil
  • Increases nutrients
  • Improves plant quality; colour, size, and shelf-life
  • Enhances seed germination and root development
  • Accelerates the conversion of organic matter into soil humus
  • It helps eliminate foul odors in compost, wastewater, animal housing
  • Improves water quality in aquatic environments, including ponds, lakes, and fish tanks

EM® what’s in it?

Dr. Teruo Higa discovered that microbes in EM-1® were able to survive in culture. Furthermore, these microbes could co-exist in service to each other, safely, effectively, exchanging information and co-prospering. These beneficial micro-organisms have been shown to have substantial benefits for our health and the environment, tested and verified through numerous studies worldwide, in all settings, from humans and animals’ intestinal tracts to water, plants, and soil.

EM® contains different types of Effective Micro-organisms. Each of these Effective Micro-organisms has specific tasks. The micro-organisms also enhance each other’s activity. EM® contains the following Effective Micro-Organisms:  

  • Photosynthesising bacteria play the leading role in EM® activities. They produce valuable substances from root excreta, organic substances, and from noxious gases, by utilising sunlight and heat from the soil. They contribute to better utilisation of sunlight, thus to improved photosynthesis. Plants take up the metabolic products of these bacteria directly. Photosynthesising bacteria promote the proliferation of other bacteria and bind nitrogen. 
  • Lactic acid bacteria are distinguished, among other things, by a powerful sterilising property. They suppress harmful micro-organisms and promote the rapid breakdown of organic matter. They can suppress the reproduction of Fusarium, a harmful fungus. 
  • Yeasts produce anti-microbial and valuable substances for plant growth. Their metabolic products are food for, among others, lactic acid bacteria and Actinomycetes. 
  • Actinomycetes are a type of ray fungus that suppress harmful fungi and bacteria and can live together with photosynthesising bacteria. 
  • Fungi that start a fermentation process. They suppress odour and prevent infestation by harmful insects. 

EM-1® our starting block

All EM® Technology products contain EM-1® in some part of their manufacturing process. EM-1® is a liquid bacterial product comprising three groups of beneficial microbes: Photosynthetic Bacteria, Lactic Acid Bacteria, and Yeast. These microbes work together, in synergy, with local and native beneficial microbes.

The EM® philosophy and principles

The phenomenon of microbes co-existing, co-prospering, and serving each other Dr. Higa coined this relationship ‘syntropy’. This model became the precept of the EM® Principles and a guiding tenet for all those involved with this technology.