A+ is sugar cane molasses, that is the thick syrup that remains in sugar cane preparation. It is a nutrient medium that activates EM. A+ sugar cane molasses is used together with EM-1 to create Actiferm.

+A Sugar Cane Molasses is an unrefined natural product rich in trace elements and minerals. +A Sugar Cane Molasses is the best source of nutrition when the microorganisms in EM-1® are activated to Actiferm. In addition to sugar, trace elements and minerals provide the final product with valuable properties.
EM-1® is activated by mixing with water and molasses (A+) at an optimal temperature of 38°C. The microbes are in dormant form and must be awakened and propagated along with water, +A Sugar Cane Molasses, and heat. This needs to be brewed for 7 days at 38°C. Details are linked HERE


  • Mix 50 ml molasses (A+) and 50 ml, EM-1® - dissolve in 950ml clean water
  • Leave for 7 days in a 1-litre plastic container, type PET bottle. Relieve the pressure regularly or use fermenting vessels with water locks. Avoid light.
  • When used, vessels and other equipment should be clean and free from residues of any pesticides.
250 ml EM-1® combined with 250 ml of cane sugar molasses creates about 5 liters of Actiferm
250 ml EM-1® combined with 250 ml of +A Sugar Cane Molasses creates about 5 liters of Actiferm.


  • Sugar Cane Molasses


  • Store at room temperature. Avoid light.
More information on EM-1® and Actiferm


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+A Sugar Cane Molasses
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