Bionit-S improves the consistency of manure and binding of harmful substances such as ammonia, sulphur and Aflatoxin B that occur during the process of decomposition.

Bionit-S is a clay mineral with a high absorption capacity; rich in alkaline minerals and trace elements. The alkaline elements dampen the acidity of the intestines so that the intestinal flora can function undisturbed. Many harmful substances (ammonium, sulphur and mycotoxins) are removed, which relieves the liver. The daily intake of Bionit-S also slows down intestinal transit, optimising the assimilation of nutrients while improving the consistency of manure.

In addition, Bionit-S contains 70% naturally occurring silicon dioxide. Silicon is essential for the synthesis of cell membranes and connective tissue, as well as for the growth of horns and hair.

Natural feed additive and Mycotoxin binder. Bionit-S is a natural feed additive that regulates feed conversion and improves vitality and health in livestock.

Mycotoxin Binder and Feed Additive

  • Bind harmful Mycotoxins
  • Protects intestinal fora Supports natural immune system
  • Helps realise genetic potential Rumen conditioner.
  • Bionit-S is a 100% natural mineral feed additive that regulates feed conversation and improves vitality and health in livestock.
  • An aluminosilicate with a high binding surface area derived from bentonite – montmorillonite clay.
  • The composition of Bionit-S is especially good at binding harmful toxins, such as Aflatoxin, as well as conditioning the rumen to improve the cows’ own natural mycotoxin defence


  • Acts as a natural dietary fibre and has a positive effect on the digestive process.
  • Protects the intestinal flora and stabilises the health of the animal.
  • Binds harmful substances such as mycotoxins.
  • Reduces diarrhoea caused by certain feeds.
  • Strengthens the animals' immune system.
  • Aids performance levels.


  • Low levels of mycotxins/preventative - 2kg/ tonne feed
  • Increased levels of mycotoxins - 3kg/tonne feed
  • Actute symptons - 4kg/tonne feed
  • Ruminants & horses - 40-80 grams/ head / day
  • Calves - 30-50 grams/ head / day
  • Pigs - 30-50 grams/ head / day
  • Piglets - 10-20 grams/ head / day
  • Sheep - 25-35 grams/ head / day

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