EM Skin Care is an active blend of naturally occurring disease suppressing micro-organisms. In practice, EM Skin Care has shown to be highly effective in combatting infective fungal conditions of the skin. Contains no chemical or pharmaceutical components.

EM Skin Care helps promote the naturally occurring healthy micro-flora on the skin to inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Pathogenic microbes can become established on the skin from contact with other infected animals or following adverse weather conditions or minor grazes and scratches.

*Please not this product maybe labeled EM Skin Care For Pets*


  • Forms an active protective film on the skin
  • Inhibits opportunistic pathogen
  • Enhances the natural protective acid mantle in the skin
  • Contains lactic acid which moisturises damaged skin

Usage Guide

  • Apply by spraying the affected area at close range and massaging in with a soft paintbrush.
  • In the winter, for example, spraying under your horse’s blanket is definitely recommended! 
  • Always wear gloves.


  • Spray affected areas with EM Skin Care at close range, repeat treatment after 7 days
  • Skin must be thoroughly wetted (or moistened) and must be rubbed in (with a brush or gloved hand)
  • When a large number of animals are affected, and infection is reoccurring frequently it can be advisable to treat the whole housing area where fungal spores can reside. Ask your local supplier for advice.


Suggested dosage for different animals per day:
Milk-producing cow 50-70g
Cow 20-50g
Weaning calf 5g
Horses 30-50g
Foal 5-10g
Pigs 2% of daily intake
Pig cubs Adlib after weaning
Goats / Sheep 5-10g
Chicken 1-2% of daily intake
Dogs 5g
Cats 3-5g


  • Wheat bran fermented with EM®.
  • Contains over 80 species of microorganisms, including:
  • Lactic acid bacteria: Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 8014 and Lactobacillus casei ATCC 7469.
  • Yeast: Saccharomyces cerevisiae IFO 0203 and wheat bran.
  • Each microorganism has its own special task, and they promote each other's effects. The variety of microorganisms is positive for intestinal flora and can strengthen the immune system.
  • Dairy-free, vegan, and very low sugar content
  • EM Skin Care is available in 150ml airless spray cans which are handy and convenient. Larger 1L Vacuum-packed boxes are also in stock.


  • Store dry and not in sun or above 38°C.
  • Our microbial mix has been carefully vacuumed packed in a collapsible bag-in-a-bottle packaging, for guaranteed freshness.
  • EM microbes are sensitive to the air which is why we vacuum pack them to ensure freshness to the last drop.

Purpose of review

Wound healing is a complex process with many potential factors that can delay healing. There is increasing interest in the effects of bacteria on the processes of wound healing. All chronic wounds are colonized by bacteria, with low levels of bacteria being beneficial to the wound healing process. Wound infection is detrimental to wound healing, but the diagnosis and management of wound infection are controversial and vary between clinicians.

Recent findings

There is increasing recognition of the concept of critical colonization or local infection, when wound healing may be delayed in the absence of the typical clinical features of infection. The progression from wound colonization to infection depends not only on the bacterial count or the species present but also on the host immune response, the number of different species present, the virulence of the organisms, and synergistic interactions between the different species. There is increasing evidence that bacteria within chronic wounds live within biofilm communities, in which the bacteria are protected from host defences and develop resistance to antibiotic treatment.


An appreciation of the factors affecting the progression from colonization to infection can help clinicians with the interpretation of clinical findings and microbiological investigations in patients with chronic wounds. An understanding of the physiology and interactions within multi-species biofilms may aid the development of more effective methods of treating infected and poorly healing wounds. The emergence of consensus guidelines has helped to optimize clinical management.


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