Proferm is a feed additive based on effective micro-organisms fermented with spelt bran. This fermentation process creates a sweet-sour product, rich in nutrients. In contrast to dried probiotics, ProFerm still contains the living organisms and their excretion substances, such as anti-oxidants and other bio-active substances. It is precisely these substances that make a positive contribution to absorption and digestion and are therefore seen as health-promoting.




  • Increased feed intake
  • Better palatability of the feed
  • Strengthened intestinal flora
  • Restore intestinal flora after diarrhoea

Usage Guide

This food supplement is particularly recommended:
  • during periods of stress, sustained work
  • in the event of a digestive disorder
  • to help maintain good general condition
  • to facilitate food transitions
  • as an accompaniment to drug treatment (antibiotic, dewormer, etc.)

Daily dosage includes:

  • 20-30 g / horse / day Adult
  • 10g ponies
  • 5g Cats and dogs


  • Proferm; antioxidants, organic acids and other bioactive substances.

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