A biological slug repellent, SLUG HALT contains calcium from crushed Seashells and other trace minerals beneficial to the soil. These form a barrier when sprinkled around plants. This barrier stops slugs in their tracks!


  • Stop slugs in their tracks.


The application could be especially useful in addition to the installation of a slug fence.
  • Sprinkle a ring of SLUG HALT around each plant at the plant stem or on the soil around a group of plants.
  • Can also be used in pot plants and hanging baskets covering the soil with a layer of SLUG HALT.
  • One suggestion is to use the crushed shells for garden pathways and around vegetable and flowering beds. Snails do not like to crawl over them, then the shell paths around the beds will become a natural slug and snail barrier.
Safe for sprinkling by hand. Safe for use on vegetables. 100% natural Seashell.


Slug Halt (Organic Slug Control) 1kg


Store in a dry room.


Why Crushed Sea/Oyster Shells Should Work Against Snails and Slugs
  • The idea behind this is; the sharp spikes and edges of shredded mussels should make it uncomfortable for slugs and snails to crawl over and across them.


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Slug Halt

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