Volcano Granules – Fertiliser for your lawn

Vulkamin Granulate consist of a soft, finely ground silicate stone of volcanic origin. It is naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements, and soluble silicic acids, which promotes stronger grass roots that become more resistant to drought and disease. This in turn leads to fewer weeds and moss in your lawn.

Volcanoes have a high content of zeolites that are full of cavities where microbes can attach and act. The microbial life in the cavities also binds nutrients. In this way, nutrients are preserved in the soil and become available when plants and crops need them most. In summary, this leads to a sustainable and long-term effect.

How it works

Much attention is given to the primary macronutrients NPK – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). This one-sided approach to fertilisation means that the importance of trace elements is often forgotten. When treating the soil with artificial fertilisers, the soil’s mineral balance is not maintained. By adding Vulkamin Granules to the soil, the crops can grow better, and the plant gets the necessary enzymes, vitamins, and essential amino acids.

The granulate enriches soil and lawns with minerals and trace elements that are useful for micro-life and plants. Farmers and growers can use the granulate as a long-term fertiliser to prevent soil depletion and activate micro-life.

Soils that are poor in minerals and trace elements have low organic mass and soil and are often heavily packed. Hard-packed soils mean that worms and micro-life do not thrive, which in turn leads to the pH value falling and the iron content rising. The iron blocks other minerals in the soil and the soil becomes more or less unusable.

Volcano contains zinc, titanium, cobalt, and boron. These play a major role in the formation of proteins and enzymes for plant fertility, immune system, and growth.


  • Long-term fertiliser. The volcano is slowly dissolving so nutrients and trace elements are distributed in the soil over a longer period of time. The result is a long-term improvement of the nutrient supply in the soil.
  • Activates the earth's available reserve of phosphorus by adding silicon.
  • Balances calcium deficiency and stabilizes the pH value.
  • The structure of the earth improves and erosion decreases.
  • Improves the condition of micro-life in the soil, especially for nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
  • Healthy growth of grass with a lasting result.
  • Which in turn leads to reduced growth of moss and weeds.
  • Approved in organic farming in accordance with European Directives 834/2007 and 889/2008.


Using Agriton Lawn Care is the best way to produce healthy soil for a long period of time.
  • Lawn fertiliser
  • Vegetables and garden plants
  • Agriculture and pastures


  • The recommended dosage is 30kg / 100m² lawn
  • 3 kg for 10m²
  • 10kg bucket is enough for 45m²
  • Sprinkle the Agriton Lawn Care granules evenly over the lawn and water.
  • Sprinkle once in the spring and once in the fall for best results
  • For large lawns, a manure spreader is used to advantage


  • Contains in mg per 1000 g: Zinc 760, Boron 0.1, Copper 11.5, Cobalt 6.5, Molybdenum 9,
  • Contains in% per 1000 gr: Silicon 48.2, Calcium 8.3, Potassium 5.1, Sodium 5.9, Iron 4.1, Sulfur 0.1, Magnesium 1, Phosphorus 0.2, Manganese 0.2, Titanium 0.4
  • pH 11
  • Approved in organic farming in accordance with European Directives 834/2007 and 889/2008.
Keep cool, avoid direct sunlight. An opened bag should be tightly closed to keep the fertilizer's nutrients and micro-life intact.

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Vulkamin Granulate
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