EM soap is made from high-quality natural oils and fats.

  • It is saponified with caustic soda after which EM is added in the cooling process.
  • To EM soap are no synthetic additives added such as perfume, bleach, and moisturisers.
  • It is mild for the skin. EM Soap is 99% pure soap and does not harm nature and the environment. This way you can also let your skin enjoy its positive effects.


  • EM soap is a firm and gentle soap that can be used for the whole body. Since the soap contains EM®, it is very good for those with sensitive skin and can help with acne and eczema, for example.
  • Contains no additives, bleach or preservatives and is free of synthetic surfactants.
  • When you drain the bathwater, you also make an effort for the environment because EM's microorganisms also help to clean our water.


  • Rub the soap with water between the hands until a thick foam is formed. Apply the foam to the parts of the body to be cleaned and rinse generously with water.


  • Both EM kitchen and bath soaps tablets are100 grams.




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EM Soaps
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