Wipe & Clean air freshener is a 100% natural air freshener based on Effective Micro-organisms. Billions of bacteria live in and around our homes. Some of these cause unpleasant odours. The Effective Micro-organisms digest and neutralise these unpleasant odours. This creates a fresh and clean environment. Ensure clean air in the bathroom and toilet, living room, bedroom, etc., or spray a little Wipe & Clean in the (sports) shoes, sports bag, and the like against unpleasant sweat odours.


  • 100% natural and organic.
  • Without additives and dyes.
  • Contains no harmful substances or chemicals.
  • Safe for cleaning staff and cleaning equipment.


  • Wipe & Clean 150ML air freshener sprayed in the air and directly on surfaces
  • Spray for a few seconds


  • Water, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, essential oil, less than 5% anionic surfactants such as alcohol, lactic acid, acetic acid, mint.
  • Size: 150 ml.


  • Store at room temperature, not in sun or above 38C.
  • The spray bottle lasts at least 1 year after the date of production.

How does it work?

Around us and in our bodies are billions of micro-organisms, all with a specific function.
  • Wipe & Clean ensures that the "good" micro-organisms (bacteria that keep us healthy and protect us from disease-causing organisms) remain in the majority, keeping away the harmful micro-organisms.
  • This results in a natural, fresh and fresh environment.
  • Wipe & Clean is produced through a natural fermentation process with effective micro-organisms. Fermentation is an ancient technique that allows good micro-organisms to multiply. Examples in food production are wine, yogurt, beer, and bread.
  • The active substances generated after fermentation have powerful cleansing properties and effectively remove dirt. The micro-organisms in Wipe & Clean break down the dirt and continue to work long after you finish your cleaning.


Studies have scientifically proven that Wipe & Clean is the ideal Eco universal cleaning agent. The tests are based on the principle of the dominance of good micro-organisms on a surface, which means that harmful micro-organisms do not get a chance to grow. This was confirmed by an independent laboratory specialising in microbial processes.

Pilot Project

Pilot projects in the municipality of Ghent (Netherlands) carried out a survey in which Wipe & Clean replaced previously used chemical treatment agents at a preschool and as cleaning of all plumbing in a government building. The test lasted for two months. The measurement results from an independent laboratory showed that Wipe & Clean slowed the growth of E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus, compared to traditional cleaning agents. E. coli. is not in itself a pathogen, but its presence is a good indicator of general hygiene. Both bacteria decreased in number in all locations after cleaning with Wipe & Clean. In addition, regenerative micro-organisms (such as Lactobacilli) grew in number, leading to a better and healthier microbial climate.


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Wipe & Clean Air Freshener
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