Agriton Gray EM® Ceramics technology is the product of high-temperature firing (1200°C) of a clay fermented by EM®.

EM Ceramic pipes 35mm consist of clay that has matured together with EM® and EM • X Gold and then fired at a temperature of 1300oC. The firing process gives the pipes a long-lasting effect of EM®. The efficiency of EM® ceramics is based on the principle that energy can be retained and transferred by binding its properties in fired clay. These properties have a positive impact on all materials and environments they come in contact with, especially on our drinking water.

The gray ceramic has a hard structure and reduces the grouping of water molecules (clusters). This structural change is reflected in the surface tension of the water, which means that the taste of the water is improved, limescale deposits and the surface tension are reduced and electromagnetic fields are neutralized. The pipes prevent the development of pathogens and stabilize the water quality. Gradually, the biological balance is restored and the quality of the water improves.

EM Ceramic pipes 35mm work in the same way as the smaller gray pipes. The larger size of 35mm makes them better suited for larger amounts of water.


  • Water: EM® Ceramics products act thanks to the principle of resonance. They re-energize the water, resulting in reduced scale deposits and oxidation, removal of unpleasant taste and improved water quality.
  • Preservation: Thanks to Far inferred technology, EM® Ceramics products make it possible to extend the shelf life of food in the refrigerator, fruit basket, etc.
  • Shape: Its shape has been specially designed to fit into water inlet pipes, as well as to ensure maximum contact surface with the material. Ideal for treating large quantities of water.


  • In drinking water. The tubes purify the water and improve the taste.
  • In the dishwasher and in the washing machine. The pipes reduce the descaling of drain pipes.
  • In the fridge. A small bowl with tubes in the refrigerator increases the shelf life of food and reduces bad smells.
  • In the fruit and vegetable bowl. The pipes increase the durability.
  • In the water tank in the toilet.
  • As an air freshener in the closet, shoes, and in the car.
  • In the flower vase. The flowers stay beautiful longer.
  • In the animals' water bowls for cleaner water.
  • In aquariums, fountains, and ponds to reduce algae growth.
  • Specially designed to fit into water pipes.
  • Ideal for treating large amounts of water.


  • Pot 1 piece
  • Aquarium up to 150 litres: 1 piece
  • Rainwater collector: 2 pieces to 1000 bit
  • The toilet tank 1 piece
  • Dishwasher 1 piece
  • Washing machine 1 piece
  • Refrigerator 1 piece
  • Pot 1 piece
  • Aquarium up to 150 litres: 1 piece
  • Rainwater collector: 2 pieces to 1000 bit


  • Size: 35 mm, Outside Ø: 35 mm, Inside Ø: 12 mm
  • 2 pcs. tubes per for packaging.


  • Lifespan: About 10 years
  • Tip: Clean your pipes regularly with Wipe & Clean or with boiling water.


Kibushilera yeast with Effective Microorganisms (EM®) and EM-X Gold®. Kibushi clay is known for its excellent quality, especially its high silicon content. EM® consists of 80 different microorganisms that exist freely in nature, without having been modified or manipulated.


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EM Ceramic Pipes 35mm

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