Our goal

Stimulating the application of EM microbes, according to the Japanese Professor TeruoHiga.

What are we doing?

We collect and disseminate information about what EM is and how you can apply it. We organise activities and work together with EM distributors so that interested parties can easily find the EM products.

Our activities

EM-Belgium was founded in September 2009. We work together with the EM associations in the Netherlands, Germany, France and UK.

We collect and spread information about what EM is and how it can be applied. To make this information and possibilities more widely known, we publish the EM magazine every six months.

Furthermore, we organise meetings and workshops on various EM applications.


Our operating resources

Through our collaboration with Agriton Netherlands and Agriton Belguim, our EM-magazine subscribers, are informed of activities in the EU countries too..

Our website

Want to know more? Take a look on www.embelgium.org.

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