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Fran Box


Fran founded EM Effective Micro-organisms Ltd in October 2004 and has been a forefront figure in the UK for EM Technologies. I want to see a global change; moving from chemical products to 100% natural and environmentally supportive/sustainable solutions. This mantra is central to everything we do here at Agriton UK.

Jan Feersma Hoekstra

Technical Director

Growing up in an agricultural environment in Friesland I was amazed about nature around me. At the age of six, I decided to become a farmer. And finally, after many years of education, I reached my goal. I became an agricultural advisor in arable and dairy. My hobby and work became the same. So actually I never work!

Andrew Sincock

Commercial Director

Regenerative agriculture doesn’t mean sacrificing on-farm performance. I strongly believe that agriculture can feed a growing population sustainably. We might have to make a few changes and do things a bit differently but profitable and sustainable farming is a realistic target we should all be aiming for.

Martyn Richards

Home & Garden Manager

With a background in garden landscaping, it was easy to see the benefit EM Technology brings to the table. To be a part of this movement away from harsh chemicals to 100% natural products is an incredible legacy I want to champion. The world needs more customers like you who put the planet first.

Becky Gibson

Office Manager

I’m in my fourth year here at Agriton UK; I’ve seen and heard so many customer success stories. To be a member of this team is such a joy for so many reasons but mainly the thrill that we ARE making a difference and that’s exciting.

Karen Cave

Graphic Designer

When I saw an opening at Agriton, I jumped at the chance; I share the same goal to make a difference wherever I can. It’s such a privilege to be a part of this family; you’d have to remove me from the premises physically! Can you imagine being part of a legacy that will save our planet? I can, and I am.

Martyn Boyes

Warehouse Manager

Every day is different, there’s so much to do and it’s never quiet. We deliver all over the UK, which keeps the team active. We focus on logistics and how to limit our carbon footprint which adds a strategic aspect to my work; I love that challenge in the knowledge that we are 360° championing the planet.